There’s Nothing better than meeting up your friends, who are staying far off the place and whom you cannot think of meeting so very often. Meeting up with such friends has its own special feelings for sure.

Recently We (Charan, Pradeep, Divya and Myself – all friends from Infosys bondings)  had at-last finally made it to Pune, Maharastra to meet up with our friends who were posted at Infosys office. It was a great trip with Charan, the most funky philosopher with us. Having spent about 4 days there with friends enjoying and living back the most memorable days of our career lives I also got a chance to get my hands back on my Camera after a long time (yeah was quite busying doing nothing :/ ).

Check out my flickr account for my clicks, Hope you would take time to comment and critic on those to help me take my hobby into a next level!

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Mohammed Ishaq