Looking back at the weekend just one word pops up in my mind “Wow!”, Sunday morning, though it was a lazy start to a
day filled with loads of plans and most of all it was the “Chitra Sante” Event was on. With all the regular chota chota
work assigned by my mum and heavy feast at lunch at home. I headed with my pet (My Camera) towards the The most amazing
event for all the Art lovers of Bangalore localities. Though I have being a regular visitor for this event from over 4
years, but this time I was too excited, for this was the 1st year i would be clicking the event.

Yeah, these many years I have being visiting for my love towards Fine Art, and as I have being doing a lot of Water
color and Pencil sketches in my pastime. And thanks to my wonderful Artist and my Mentor Uzair Khan, who has always helped
me with learning things in Art.

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Well, I had to go around clicking at Chitra Sante alone it was a different story, but though alone, I enjoyed the display

of art and the magnificent work of each and every artist which surely needs a Big Salute. The crowd was just crazy, every
stall was flooded with amazing work piece and crowds. Each one admiring works and busy with the conversation about the work
and its price to the artists, and many were busy clicking as well.

There were people of all age groups, from children’s to young adult to matured citizens to Seniors. All were united for just
one reason “Art” which has absolutely no boundaries of any sought. The Art displayed were on all the subjects of the day to
day life to ancient and historic beauties, fusion, abstract, portraits, politics, scams, cricket, CWG, 2G, you think of it
and the artist have already put that on their canvas with the view-point on it.

I was lucky enough to speak with couple of Artists, Mr.Suraj who is from Mumbai, an artist who was into Fine art from his childhood, and have taken formal course on Fine art as well.He loves to depict every art with portraits, and bringing back the memories of his childhood into his work. His work is a basically based on semi abstract, which would never miss to grab the attention of the viewer for a second glance on his work among the thousands of work being displayed.

Azmath, another artist hailing from Namma Bengaluru, truly deserves “Azmath” (which means “Respect” in Urdu)  for his work. He is an outstanding artist on feminine portraits, any person looking at his work will surely be mesmerized. The bright and bold colors standing out against the black card board with the life-like art done.

On the way back almost into the parking lot to pull my bike back, made a new friend, Vishaka Guru. A ex-media person into
photography by great grand fathers and now in Bangalore as SAP consultant and yeah part-time photographer, it was great to
spend time with him over a cup[‘s] of tea 🙂 in a local Shivajinagar hotel “Savera” popular for its tea and pass time
hangout place for youngster near Russel Market.

And this is how my Chitra Sante photo shoot went on, quite happy with the shoots, art, crowd, and yeah Guru as well 🙂

Dont forget to check my flickr account for more clicks on Chitra Sante.