Hey Folks!
Thanks for visiting my blog again!
Here’s week three started since I have started Blogging online and its the completion of my 2nd weekly theme, though the week which has passed by was quite busy, with some extra days at office and other regular works. I had very less time to spend with my camera, which in-turn forced me dig into my past clicks to pull out something to publish it here which I thought fits into the theme.

Here are entries for my the weekly theme “Sleep“, which in fact turned out  to be really sleepy :/

1 – A Deserted Place

Each time I gaze through a place which is less lively, The only thing which struck my mind would be “This place is sooo sleepy!”. As I have being a person who always keeps myself busy and surrounded by people who are full of ‘Josh’, deserted place always kills me with its boredom and makes me sleepy.


Weekly theme "Sleep"



2 – A Busy Ant!

I Have never seen (well, in other sense noticed) an Ant sleeping, Have you by any chance?     Here’s the click such a busy creature!


Weekly theme "Sleep"



3 – A Kid

This is a Click of a Kid crying in the bus station for his share of food, which his little counter part had just snatched away. Though these guys around struggle so much for food, but at the end of the day, There are no one who sleeps hungry! God Tussi Great Ho! (God! You are Great)


Weekly theme "Sleep"



4 – Infant

This is the click of my Infant Nephew, busy with his routine work! Sleep, Sleep and Sleep!     The Just-born usually sleep for over 20 Hours in a day, they wake up only for their Feeds or Dirty Nappy! 🙂    But as they grow up and get into work, Sleep is just …… vanished! :/


Weekly theme "Sleep"



Well, the recent clicks on this Theme “Sleep” shall be online quite sooner, and my Theme for this week Feb 07th to 13th would be “Body Parts“.

Wish to click a couple of it sooner and get it online on time for this week 🙂