This week is being completely dull with me with regard to clicking couple of photographs which would make me feel much better reviewing them on my computer screen and thinking back on how it would had being better if I had captured it from any other angle or setting.

Well, My friend has just borrowed my camera for a while for his family function which is why I have being left with No Camera around. Though at first I thought it would be a boring week with no time for required Photography and to complete my weekly self assigned as well.

On the other side of I running out of my camera is really being quite helpful. It has helped me to go back to dig out my early clicks which was taken early days of I buying a Camera to off-late clicks which I had taken until couple of weeks back. I have being a serious visitor of Photography Sites to gain some more required knowledge as I’m still a newbie and I’m on the learning curve, and have seen many a times on the net to spend time reviewing our past clicks as it would help you to give an Insight view on your Photography as to where are you heading to? Are there any clicks off lately which you can look back at them and say “Wow! This is really great” and known why do you think it has that “Wow” factor in it?

And, in these review you would surely come across 100’s click which makes absolutely no sense and still you have clicked, and many of the clicks of a particular subject always being clicked in the similar angle or with similar approach! This reviewing would surely help you look back at those and just think over what you have to do the next time you get to click the similar subject to get that “Wow” factor in it.

Spending time on net checking out other Photographers clicks and Photography Blogs are always worth spending time, each time you visit such pages you would come across few things which though very obvious, a little different way of approach has made it stand out of the tonnes of tonnes of Photographs over the net.

Most of all, nature around always looks very beautiful when you don’t have a camera with you, so enjoy the nature around and get involved! 🙂

So take time to check your clicks and check out the net to gain that little push, which would get that “Wow” Factor in your clicks.!
Have a fun-filled Clicking weekend!