Hey Friends!

This has been the longest that I have been out of my Blogs, Photography, Postings, and Facebook in summary almost from every Online world, Just had been quite held up with my professional life a little so much that I had missed this part of the world for quite some time now…

Below are few of the points which has motivated to come up with this post.

  1. Talk about your passion with someone who would motivate you with your passion more seriously and not with someone who thinks your passion is absolutely time wasting and there are much better things to do in this life. Talking with the latter part of the world will make no good. Period. Speaking with the people who have similar interest is like having a double scoop of your favorite ice cream.
  2. Think!! Yeah you heard it right! Everyone would surely have some time in a day wherein they have nothing to do. Like, I spend about 2 hours in travelling to and fro to my office every day. Think over that time what exactly is your dream about your passion, what you need to take up your passion more seriously. Think about all the photographs of others which has made you say WOW at the first sight and caught your eyes saying “I Should click one such photograph one day!”
  3. Spend time at least couple of your hours over the weekend in your photography. Be it post processing, clicking, looking out at your dump of photos being clicked and studying it what has made you click it, what would had made it a WOW click? Which setting you had used it to click, and which setting would had made your click more interesting and error free?
  4. I would always consider this to be the sort of Golden Rule for keeping myself motivated in Photography. Look at others Photography work. Be it Flickr, Facebook, NGC or anywhere and everywhere. Looking at some great clicks would surely give the much needed push.



Though these was not clicked right now and I’m posting it though, these were clicked when my Sister had come back from her in-laws with her Kid to my place and I noticed, this Hero catching my eye and could not resist pick up my optics and get some clicks of him.

Hope you enjoy these clicks!

So go ahead enjoy your passion and take it to a great height!

Happy Clicking!