As everything else, even Photography Shoot has to be planned well before, In-fact a little more religiously taken care of. Just Imagine, you find yourselves in a perfect place, with the subject which you have been waiting long to freeze for eternity with your optics right in front of you. You set your Focal Length, Aperture, and ISO all little technical things peeping into your eye piece and just when you press the shutter down don’t see the picture clicked!!! Instead you find your LCD screen flashing, just for you to realize you have a battery that is drained! Or a memory card which is already full and will not allow you click with all your camera setting turned to the lowest! Darn!!! It’s the worst night-mare a photographer would ever face!


I too have found myself into such scenarios. Here are few of the check list which I do usually exercise before I start off for any photo-shoot or trips or even hang out with friends and every time i carry my camera along! This after a one point of time though becomes a routine and you don’t actually have to check these, still it’s handy enough for a new Photographer like me. Trust this would be helpful out here for few of you as well 🙂

  1. Place: When you have decided to do a photo-shoot, the very base for your shoot is the place what you have in your mind. Study the place well; this will make your day much easier. With your study you would be able to understand the Type of Crowd you would find there, Subjects you would find, Climate, just in case you are planning for trip far off from your local.
  2. Gear you would carry : Next thing which you would have to do is based on research you should be able to decide precisely on which Lens you will be carrying along. Longer Lens for wildlife, wide-angle for landscapes, Standard Lens with widest aperture for portraits and low light shoots, Tripod just in case you planned to click late evening landscape shoots.
  3. Memory : Any trip you plan, I would suggest carry at-least 4GB of memory space along. Preferably two cards of 2GB. And the larger the memory space you carry the more the freedom to have your finger glued to Shutter!
  4. Two is a company : For most of the hobby photographer like me, who have just worn their running shoes, going out for the Photo-shoot alone with the SLR in hand wandering around all alone with the curious eyes finding every little things to shoot! Phew its more tougher than.
  5. Don’t Shy away from Shutter : Click every and anything which catches your eye and shoot in continuous mode or burst mode, so that you get more picture of the same subject. It will help you not have to delete off the picture just because it was out of focus or the subject put behind some other element in the foreground.
  6. Use Auto focus option : Auto Focus option in the camera is the biggest boon for the amateurs to get your click sharp and appealing, So make sure you use Auto Focus option to the max!
  7. Don’t hurry in deleting : Yes! Don’t judge your click just by looking into your LCD and delete! Never! Even if you are not convinced by the click let it be, get back to home, download it to your PC and Bang! There could be an all together a different appeal in that click! There could be something more interesting which you had not intended to click nor did you notice.
  8. Enjoy your trip : Yeah enjoy your time and don’t just be totally lost into photography that you miss the beauty of the place where you had been!

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Happy Clicking!