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After a long time, I’m back with my clicks along with the Photo shoot report….

Sunday was specially blessed for me, a perfect day with chilled start to a bright sunny day, out with my friend for a day to enjoy the two of the best thing i love, Art and Photography! what more a person can i expect.

Chitra Kala Parishat, is one of the biggest and most renowed Fine Art Institute in Bangalore located next to The Lalit Ashok. Chitra Sante is the yearly event conducted by CKP (Chitra Kala Parishat) on the last Sunday of the January. This year was its 9th year in the row. This event attracts the artists from across India to put up their art work for sale and display, one will be able to find arts of Oil painting, pastels, water-color, acrylics, collage, pencil sketches, Photography, crafts, and you name it, you will be able to find it. The art would range anything from 100/- INR to 1.5 crore INR! Yes you heard it right. 1.5 crore painting which was in display at couple of years before. A mammoth Oil on canvas painting of the herd of wild african elephants of size of 18ft by 10ft which took the artist about 2 years to complete it.

This is a one day event, which starts off by 09:00 IST in the morning till 19:00 IST on the road stretch of about 2 or 3 km with over 1500 stalls. Which attracts about over 50000 art lovers!

And it was another successful year of Chitra Sante by CKP.


An Artist busy on his work using a Photograph



There were sculptures too, which was truly worth admiring


There were other artists who were doing the portraits live 


There were different art altogether… one similar was this, the Canvas Stand, Art and everything in size of less than 10 inches.


It was over all a family event,


 Mother and her daughter busy admiring an art in a stall.


As everything, the Live Art for this time was based on Saving our National Animal and National Bird. which is about to extinct.


There was this pretty woman, enjoying a snack on the go!


Another Sculpture on display.


 Over all, this was the treat for photographers as well



More clicks to be posted..


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