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I always have had a problem choosing a good memory card for my shoots and maintaining it without any fear of losing the clicks after coming back home with a very excited and satisfied photo shoot. If you had any chance happened to experience the same, I understand the place quite well, as I have been a victim myself to such situations.

After I had got my memory card corrupted for the 2nd time quite recently and partly successful in retrieving it back, I started hunting for the tips to handle the memory cards on web, and getting few tips from my fellow photographers, Here are few of the points I have keyed it down to share over here…


Put Off:

Never remove or insert the Memory card into camera when it’s ON. This has proved to be the major reason for your card to get corrupted.


Format your card:

Each time you download your data to your computer, it’s always better to format your card. Because there would be default few folders which would be created each time you insert your card into Camera. Failing which you create room for the virus to be created and which would lead to your card to be corrupted.


Always STOP Sharing and then remove:

It’s always safe then to be sorry, having to click a couple of times is always much better than to spend few hundred rupees more on purchasing a new card. Make share you end the computer and card network by using the “SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE” icon and then remove. This is has been a major reason for memory card being corrupted.


Keep off from the reader side:

When handling your memory card, make sure you don’t scrub the reader side of the memory cards. Any slight scratch on the reader will completely make your card not get recognized by the computer or camera. In worst scenario, you might not be able to recover your data from the card as well!


Keep off from dust:

Pay extra attention while you are not using your card, be double sure that the pocket of you bag or the pouch or the card holder where you place your memory card while not using does not have dust particulars. The very minute dust particulars which might be very small enough to get noticed but be cautious these can damage your card as well.


Please feel free to add up few points to this which are being missed out here 🙂


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