Though no one would ever wish to die, death is inevitable; everyone has to undergo it at one point of time. The question is, are you ready to face your death?

Everyone have their so-called wish-list for life, whether have you any such wish-list or not. Be it achieving something BIG in professional life, or earning enough money to own a beach house, or cruising on a highway with your gang of friends in your favorite Harley Davidson or Audi or evening the most talked about in here in blog-sphere… marrying your better half!


No one knows when flawless the paws of death pounces on us and take us away from our dreams without a prior notice. So what are you doing for this life which could be as short the blink of an eye or as long as the river flows…

To make it memorable with no regrets?

• Not to look back and have to say, I should had done it?

• To look back and feel proud the way you have lived?

• To leave an impression in the hearts of the people who are connected with you in this journey of life?

Though I too have no answers to many more of such questions, All I could remember about life is the quote of my artist friend @Uzair Khan, “Life Must be Lived Forward”,

My simple four funda for life below…

• Live life for today, Don’t waste your time worrying about tomorrow

• Laugh more

• Forgive often

• Spend time in what you love to do.

Please do share your views on this as well, Probably I would Learn to Live Life in a Better way! 

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Mohammed Ishaq