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Here in Bangalore, India with the Summer just round the corner, and the humidity taking a toll already on us, at least on me, I’m a person who can’t bear the humid climate much! All I can do is recall my trip to Chennai, India.

Here are few clicks from the beach on the early morning visit. Though this visit to the beach was not that much fruitful. Yeah it was obviously a very very hard task. Being out from home, with friends, Staying out in a Hotel, having fun whole night without any sleep and managing the transportation from Hotel to Beach on foggy chilled weather was indeed a BIG task. As this was a winter morning, Sun was lazy as well, and it showed up quite late, and to add up to our misery, Cloud was heavy!  😦

As a result, I was able to manage quite few of the clicks, hope you would love these and key down your say on these!





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