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Well, Here I’m after a long time with some of my photography. With the year-end activities, There was very less time left for me to be myself and go on a photo-shoot.

Just over the last weekendm, was my very close friends marriage and this provided me with a very good opportunity to try my hands on Marriage Photography for the first time…. Below is the extract from my recent blog! Hope you would enjoy reading this.

Well wonder who has used it for first, but whoever it is, it is been said quite rightly said, It is Indeed a real BIG FAT when it comes to INDIAN MARRIAGES.!

Indians are my default a lot more social in their behavior, which is and has come from ages. We are tend to share every little incident in our lives that happens on day to day lives with our real BIG list of relatives and friends, if the event is something about happiness, the BIG crowd  just gets a lot more BIGGER!

And, Marriage being a very BIG event in our lives, which bonds the two unknown identity (I call it Unknown, as in India, the better half is always been chosen by the parents.) into an everlasting bondings to share rest of our lives. Here in India, it is a lot more dramatic than any other Hollywood movies. The event lasts for atleast 3-4 days on the minimum! Yes, you read it right! And in some traditions it would last for about a WEEK!

Here are few of the clicks from my friends marriage, who very recently got married and I made the best to photoshoot the first ever marriage photography!

Most of these were again candid’s! It’s the best I believe to capture the best of emotions than the posed shot. Let me know your takes on these.

This is something which you would see only in the Muslim community marriages. The Groom would look more a Nawab from the Princely State

I bride would be all colorful with the amount of accessories and gold! A person attending a Muslim Community marriage for the first time would be amazed for weeks!

The Princess of the occasion, in full bloom!

I’m not sure, what is it called as in English, but in our local urdu, we call it “Meher“, the Groom is supposed to give or promise to give the amount that he is capable of to the Groom in marriage, this could be in Money or in Gold or any other terms, This is just the opposite of the social evil The Dowry System! Here the Bride is at the receiving end! And that’s what being  a MAN supposed to do right! Give instead of Take!


This is a tradition, which I believe exists in other community as well, where in the Brides Father, places his daughters hands at the hands of the Groom, and with the heavy heart, requests the groom to take care of the Jewel, which was so long the apple of his eye for the rest of her life!


A Promise, to walk the rest of the life hand in hand, in its all shades!

 Candid Photography is the Best of natural shots, I could not help but to click this pretty lady making the best of candid for me

 No matter what, its the children, who make the best of all the occasions, This cutie was enjoying in her world with the flower, that made me think, Is the Girl more prettier or the Flower!

 Spotted this little angle, perfect in her attitude, actually walking on the stage, as if its the ramp and she’s the lone super model! I just loved her attitude she carried while doing so!

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