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Here are few of the random clicks from the park over the weekend some days back in Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, Bangalore. A perfect place to treat your eyes on the beauty of butterflies.

All shots taken with Canon 1000D with 70-300mm IS lens.

Hope you would like it as much as I loved clicking these 🙂


A Pinky flower, loved the delicacyof the flower! I only wish there were few dew drops on this!


Just a simple click on Rule of Third!



A Flutterby relaxing on the rock! Negative Space Intentional!


Here’s a clicked I Loved the most of Butterflies.


Few more in here of butterfly busy at work.



Flower for you! A Greeting Card Shot!



Having a try on 300mm Lens with no birdie is surely not justtified. 🙂


A parrot upon the tree.

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